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Bellezza Donna : The beauty of a woman\'s hair and body go hand in hand with health; the site offers comprehensive information and a list of hair salons that can provide you with the latest amenities and updated on the latest hair care products on the market, the new aesthetic à and many more tips to feel beautiful every day. Many tips and hair care treatments and to keep our beauty unchanged even with the passage of time. From remedies for stressed hair, or dry and brittle hair, natural methods for oily hair, up to beauty secrets revealed by hairdressers to get shiny hair, strong, healthy and without dandruff. Also DIY recipes using natural ingredients such as honey, lemon, nettle and other products that we can find in the House, or in professional hair care products that we find the hairdresser (shampoo, James m, conditioners etc.) very useful substances and true allies for our beauty because hair can be prone to stress. Indeed, they are markers of degree of stress endured by the body at that time. In particularly stressful periods, in fact, the hair will tend to appear dull, brittle and disobedient to various types of bends. Are fairly common conditions, also favored by the change of season, that are experiencing physiological and falls more exposure to ultraviolet rays. Both in the city and the sea à, in fact, solar radiation causes the photo-oxidation of melanin (the molecules from which depend on hair color), which protect the trees from oxidative damage, resulting in the hair tends to fade. Moreover the ultraviolet, striking at the heart of melanins, anticipate the hair loss. The harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, when val sea or pool can be added those of salt and chlorine: the first dehydrate the hair and scalp, lose shine to hair and makes them pi ù stringy, while chlorine degenerates the color. We must therefore resort to cosmetic products, which are used by hairdressers to hair to help keep beauty, strength, vigor and extra gloss. In view of the sea, it would also be appropriate to advance treatments pi ù aggressive the hairdresser (e.g. discolouration) and choose a tint of dark, about a ì tone ù s pi that is then the Sun bleaching process. To cover white hair, however, would be preferable colors low oxidation with nutrients and protective wraps, or pre-oxidised colours consist of molecules that do not affect the pigment and not ruin the hair fiber. When you è in à town, the hair can be defended from the stress of applying an anti-ultraviolet for plasters and amino acids, applied to the hairdresser, capable of forming a protective sheath soft and oily, antioxidant and à color and brightness. Shampooing pu ò be done every day, preferring protective products and ultradelicati, for example with aloe or other extracts that moisturize and nourish in deep à her hair, like wheat germ oil or jojoba oil. Taking advantage of the shampoo, also you can drill a ò massage that stimulates the circulation and apply the balm, which helps to untangle the knots without ò to break the hair fibers. Finally, keep in mind that è health and beauty of our hair also passes through a balanced diet. To keep them healthy and vital addition to drink at least 2 liters of water a day and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, è important an adequate dietary intake of nutrients and extranutrienti, particularly amino acids (such as cereals, pulses, meat and especially dairy products), blocks of hair keratins. Two or three times a week you should prioritise, especially the fish rich in omega 3, like the sardine, herring and salmon.

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27 Oct 16

ys park


Inviaci una tua foto (in alta risoluzione) e la pubblicheremo gratuitamente su BEAUTY BAZAR 2017, che tutti chiamano "la Bibbia globale dell'Hairstyling".

Beauty Bazar


BEAUTY BAZAR da 36 anni è la pubblicazione annuale di oltre 600 pagine che contiene la descrizione (con foto) dei migliori prodotti, accessori e arredamenti per parrucchieri ed estetica, completi degli indirizzi di tutti i grandi operatori del settore.

RUBRICHE: Moda-capelli (300 foto) - Estetica (viso e corpo) - Prodotti Uomo - Colorazione (tinture a ossidazione) - Tono su Tono (shampoos color, colori diretti, riflessi duraturi) - Decoloranti e Schiarenti - Ossidanti e Sviluppatori del Colore - Permanenti e Stiranti - Trattamenti e Cure - Gel e Finish - Prodotti e formati Speciali - Accessori e Attrezzature - Arredamento e Design - Indirizzi e Contatti delle Aziende - Indirizzi e Contatti dei migliori Distributori/Grossisti italiani.

27 Oct 16

Mahogany Creative Team

Mahogany Creative Team Mahogany Creative Team Mahogany Creative Team

"Remaining absolute to the Mahogany Hairdressing philosophy, this year's collection draws inspiration from Gustav Klimt and Alphonse Mucha, pioneers of the Art Nouveau movement. Taking influence from the organic and free flowing lines so prevalent throughout the movement and the prominent use of 'whiplash 'curves, influence taken from Japanese art of the time.

With Art Nouveau being the forerunner to the Art Deco movement, Mahogany also gives a bow to the latter by referencing the use of geometric shapes, squares and triangles.

A multihued canvas uses gradient shades seen in butterscotch and champagne to damson and vintage cyan, with technique drawn in graphic geometry with curvilinear elements"
Colin Greaney, International Creative Director.

HAIR: Mahogany Creative Team, London & Oxford - UK
Collection: KookyWaifs
Ph: Nessi
Make-up: Marco Antonio
Clothes Styling: Chloe Holland


26 Oct 16

Antonio Bellver Antonio Bellver Antonio Bellver

Antonio Bellver Antonio Bellver Antonio Bellver

Cabello, maquillaje e incluso la modelo se convierte en un cadáver exquisito haciendo referencia al juego poético impulsado por los artistas y escritores surrealistas en 1925.

HAIR: Antonio Bellver - Mexico
Collection: Cadavre Exquisit
Ph: Alfredo Cordero
Make-up: Marien Vera
Model: Maia Cabral
Body-paint.: Peteykivka por Miguel R.


25 Oct 16

luigi pettinato


Talento, passione e intraprendenza per il mondo della moda-capelli definiscono lo stile di LUIGI PETTINATO, affermato professionista dell'hairfashion, il cui fine talento è ammirato in occasione di eventi a livello internazionale.

Il Salone di Rivarolo Canavese, in provincia di Torino, è un ambiente rilassante ed elegante dove ogni donna troverà l'accoglienza e la professionalità che cerca.

Corso Indipendenza 50 - Rivarolo Canavese, Torino
Tel: +39 0124 29097 | Email: pettinatoluigi@globelife.com

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25 Oct 16


Se in Francia un'Azienda paga in ritardo i propri debiti non solo rischia una multa salata ma, se il ritardo si protrae (e non è il primo), viene sbugiardata pubblicamente.

Il termine oltre il quale le Aziende rischiano la pubblica gogna sono 13 giorni (media nazionale per il pagamento dei debiti), termine ben lontano dai 60 fissati dalla legge e dalle norme europee.

L'Azienda cattiva pagatrice, recidiva e ritardataria, verrà pubblicata sul bollettino e sul sito della Direzione anti-frode francese, con tutte le conseguenze del caso in termini di reputazione, relazione con i clienti e con le banche creditrici.

Fino all'anno scorso il ritardo medio nel saldo dei debiti in Francia era di 13,6 giorni, oggi è sceso a 12,2.
Grazie al principio guida del "name and shame" (svergognamoli), i ritardi nei pagamenti si sono ridotti e l'ammontare complessivo delle ammende è quasi raddoppiato in un solo anno (da 1,4 milioni di euro nel 2015 a 2,6 milioni nel primo semestre del 2016).

Ma non finisce qui: il ministro Michel Spin ha già proposto di alzare il tetto della multa dai 375 mila euro di oggi a 2 milioni di euro.

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