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Bellezza Donna : In the beauty of a woman the hair and body go hand in hand with health; the site offers a complete information and a list of hairdressers who will offer you state-of-the-art and always up-to-date services on the latest products on the market for the care of your hair, aesthetic news and many other tips to feel beautiful every Day. Many tips and treatments for hair care and to keep our beauty unchanged even with the passage of time. From remedies for stressed or dry and frayed hair, to natural methods for greasy hair, to the beauty secrets revealed by hairdressers to have a shiny, strong, healthy and dandruff-free hair. Also DIY recipes based on natural ingredients such as honey, lemon, nettle and other products that we can find at home, or in the professional hair products that we find from the hairdresser (shampoo, machere, balms etc.) very useful and true allies for our beauty since even hair can be subject to stress. On the contrary, they are themselves indicators of the degree of stress endured by our body at that time. In particularly stressful times, in fact, the hair will tend to appear opaque, brittle and rebellious to the various types of fold. They are quite common conditions, also favored by the change of season, in which physiological falls and increased exposure to ultraviolet rays occur. In both the city and the sea, in fact, solar radiation causes the photoxidation of melanins (the molecules on which the hair color depends), which protect the stem from oxidative damage, with the result that the hair tends to fade. In addition, ultraviolets, striking at the heart of melanins, anticipate hair loss. To the harmful effects of ultraviolet, when you are at sea or in the pool can be added those of salt and chlorine: the first dehydrated the hair and scalp, causes hair to lose shine and makes them more stubble, while chlorine degenerates the color. It is therefore necessary to resort to cosmetic products, used by hairdressers, for hair that help to maintain beauty, strength, vigour and extra shine. In view of the sea, it would be appropriate to anticipate the most aggressive treatments at the hairdresser (e.g. bleaching) and choose a tint of about a darker tone, so that the sun then completes the lightening process. To cover white hair, on the other hand, low oxidation colors with nutrient and protective compresses would be preferred, or pre-oxidized colors, consisting of molecules that do not affect the pigment and do not spoil the fiber of the hair. When in the city, your hair can be defended from stress by applying an anti-ultraviolet product based on silicones and amino acids, applied by the hairdresser, able to form an oily and soft sheath, antioxidant and protective color and brightness. The shampoo can be done daily, preferring protective and ultra-delicate products, for example with aloe or other extracts that hydrate and nourish the hair in depth, such as wheat germ oil or jojoba. Taking advantage of the shampoo, you can also practice a massage that stimulates circulation and apply conditioner, which helps to untangle the knots without breaking the hair fibers. To conclude, it is good to always remember that the health and beauty of our hair also passes from a balanced diet. To keep them healthy and viable, in addition to drinking at least 2 liters of natural water a day and eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, it is important to have an adequate dietary intake of nutrients and extranutrients, especially amino acids (such as cereals, legumes, meat and especially dairy products), constituents of hair keratins. Two or three times a week you should prefer fish, especially omega 3-rich fish, such as sardines, herring and salmon.

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14 Nov 19

Clicca qui e guarda il video

EGIDIO BORRI, noto hairstylist creativo e spontaneo, proprietario di moltissimi saloni in Toscana ti invita nel nuovo salone, SABRINA BY EGIDIO in via Roma 9, a San Giovanni Valdarno (AREZZO)

Location moderna con uno stile originale ed elegante, è il nuovo salone di Egidio Borri e Sabrina Citroni!

L’estro artistico dei due soci si percepisce subito all’ingresso del bellissimo salone, dove si può notare la cura nei dettagli e l’originalità nella scelta del design.

Cambi di look, cura del capello e tagli di tendenza sono l’ordine del giorno per i due artisti Egidio e Sabrina che grazie alle apparecchiature di ultima generazione e prodotti di alto livello garantiscono alle clienti un risultato finale strabiliante e sempre al passo con i tempi.

Leggi anche: “Inaugurazione del nuovo salone SABRINA by EGIDIO

14 Nov 19

Tra gli acconciatori più influenti nel panorama italiano e i giovani
under 28, che si stanno affacciando per la prima volta al grande pubblico, sono stati scelte le 3 migliori proposte per ciascuna categoria.








Alessandro Barca, Alessandro Bonetto, Daniele Gnisci, Giovanna Smriglio, Lorenzo Rilli, Matteo De Vita, Mattia Pongolini, Nicola Gepponi, Thomas Dughiero, Alessandro Bonetto, Francesco Bottone, Federico Lucchese, Gianluca Gulino, Giovanni Napolitano, Giacomo Pettirossi, Valerio Federico, Vito Lacialamella, Alessandro Barca, Daniel Maltoni, Gianluca Grechi, Matteo Susini, Giancarlo Rodia, Lorenzo Marchelle, Silvio Luciani, Valerio Moggiani, Fabio Di Gennaro, Giuseppina Morgillo, Ida Ortolani, Luigi Martini, Mirco Bretta, Matteo De Vita, Mayla Fabbriciani, Marco Iafrate, Simone Bernardo, Salvatore De Maria, Simone Prati, Vincenzo Ragusa, Andrea Garofalo, Ida Ortolani, Ilaria Spinello, Mirco Bretta, Mirko Schioppa, Simone Minella, Salvatore De Maria, Fulvio Furcas, Gianluca Grechi, Giancarlo Rodia.

13 Nov 19

CHARME & BEAUTY, noto distributore di prodotti professionali per capelli di SAN GIOVANNI TEDUCCIO (NAPOLI), noto anche per i suoi saloni di eccellenza, è sulla copertina di BEAUTYBAZAR FASHION.

CHARME & BEAUTY è in copertina!

BEAUTY BAZAR FASHION è lo short magazine dedicato alla moda-capelli di tendenza e CHARME & BEAUTY si è aggiudicato la copertina di questo numero.

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13 Nov 19

Piu' conosciuto subito fino a 30.000 visite al giorno

Un network con 1624 domini collegati e server nelle Americhe e Asia, con la gran parte dei testi in 38 lingue. GLOBElife porta l'Italia in tutto il mondo.

12 Nov 19

CAPRICE, noto grossista di prodotti e articoli per Parrucchieri ed Estetica di BOLOGNA è sulla copertina di BEAUTYBAZAR FASHION.

CAPRICE è in copertina!

BEAUTY BAZAR FASHION è lo short magazine dedicato alla moda-capelli di tendenza e CAPRICE si è aggiudicato la copertina di questo numero.

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